Noloty hi def
Noloty Malche
Organization Bantorra Library
Occupation Armed Librarian
Grade Trainee
Weapon Unarmed Combat
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomatsu Haruka
English Info
Source: Wikipedia & Official Site

A trainee Armed Librarian.


Noloty came from the mountains, in the southern hinterlands, born in a tiny village where the people only worked the land. As the chief's daughter, she was considered a princess. However, after her father died, she was thrown out of the village, and eventually became an Armed Librarian.


Vlcsnap-2011-11-09-19h49m06s67 Noloty has expressive blue eyes and long brown hair that she keeps tied up in a high ponytail, fastened by leather cords.She ties many leather cords around her arms and legs. She wears a white tube top with a ribbon on it, as well as a little red jacket over it. She ties a purple scarf over blue denim shorts.

She used to have a similar appearance when she was younger.


She is extremely cheerful and exuberant, always smiling. However, she is very emotional and cries whenever another Armed Librarian dies during duty. When Luimon, her mentor died, she was seen sobbing for a long time. She also believes that the world belongs to her and doesn't believe in taking the lives of others. She is most likely in love with enrique.


She is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, and prefers not to use guns as "they are too easy to kill with by accident".

Magic AbilityEdit

She does not appear to have one.


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Noloty was inflicted with Cerulean Death in the course of the anime by Arkit Chroma, a boy with the ability of spreading hatred, and was eventually killed by Dultom, a double agent of the Armed Librarians and The Church of Drowning in God's Grace. Her death, in its way, ended the Cerulean Death in the end since its host's hatred has dissolved. She was one of the Armed Librarians who appeared when Hamyuts called up her allies during a fight with Niniu.


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