During the Age of Paradise, the gods created seven "War Machines of the Past". They are a collection of widely different items either in the possession of the Church or with the Librarians. The machines are of great importance as they can immensely increase the power of a person or a group. The machines are rare to find and are usually kept hidden.

  • Age of Paradise
    More than 2000 years ago, an era of promised peace governed by the Governor of Paradise. At the end of this era, due to the rise of evil people in humanity, Orntorra strove to correct humanity by sending the angel of punishment. However, the present monarch of that era, Vooekisal Mariotte, chose to fight. In the fight for supremacy, the good people were oppressed instead. Finally, when Niniu fulfilled the conditions of invoking the Beasts of the Final Chapter, that era came to an end.


Known as the Ever-Laughing Evil Sword. Its design resembles a spider and is designed to work as an offensive and defensive weapon. It acts on its own and is capable of unleashing a myriad of damage. If its wielder is attacked, its defensive mechanism will be activated. Its name is derived from the sound emitted when the weapon is unleashed.
It takes the form of a fairy statue and is known as the "Spinning Fairy". Basically it accumulates magic and releases its powerful form as an activated result. Since only one Yukuyuku can be activated at a time, due to this disadvantage, it's considered the lowest rank among the war machines.
  • Argax - "The Fantasy Slaugthering Cup"
A silver cup carved with an ape face. For it to function, a schemer needs only to mention what needs to be erased from memory to the cup-filled water and have the victim drink it. There are two Argax, each in possession by the Bantorra Library and the Shindeki Church.
  • Aaharai
A short sword resembling a caterpillar that is more powerful than Shulamuffen.
  • Gumolk
A club that emits black fog. With the black fog that surrounds it, is impossible to see its outer appearance. A blow from this weapon can cause huge damage to the ground. It has the ability to render blindness as well should the victim directly views it.
  • Graograman
An airship constructed by the accumulation of infinite pieces of iron. In accordance to the intention of its owner, it moves freely and changes its form.
  • Uyurara
An Ivy-shaped crest/pattern. It can be seen consistently as a tattoo on Ruruta's shoulder. It protects against all attacks.
  • Yor - "The Stone Sword of Spent Time"
A stone sword, the eighth war machine that is created from unexplained reasons. Yor originally exists to manage the books in Bantorra Library. S/He goes by the alias of Lascall Othello and can appear as an old man or a young girl. Lascall has a strong desire to observe of humanity. S/He contacts both the Governor of Paradise and The Acting Director of Bantorra Library, who keep his existence confidential. Yor's ability enables her/him to extract a book directly from the dead in a moment, in contrary to a soul's natural transition to books that happens over time in the soil.
LascallOthello animate

"Lascall Othello was known as a sorcerer from a fairy tale, who brings books of girls
who died without confessing their feelings to the person they love."

8 years ago, a rumor spreaded about Lascall and there were some con artists who either pretended to be him or offered to introduce him for a fee. To quell the situation, Armed Librarian Hiza Meeken was dispatched and then Acting Director Fotona, made a formal statement of Lascall's non existence. At the end of the anime, she was shown to have used up all of her power to awaken Mirepoc and disappears as a result.

Lascall Othello was first introduced in Episode 12 by Hamyuts as she narrates.

Source:Wikipedia and anime.

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