Supporting and miscellaneous characters who appear in the course of the story. Please expand the links where available for further reading.

The Age of ParadiseEdit

Ruruta Coozancoona 
The love interest of Ruruta.
Vooekisal Mariotte
The present monarch of that era.



Carthello Marshea
A man who lives in the town of Toatt Mine and the lover of Iya. He keeps a pet calico cat and earns a living selling bread. He died after being embroiled in Huey's blast. He possesses a book of Shiron and along with Iya, have called out to its author.

Iya Mira
A prostitute who lives in the town of Toatt Mine and Carthello's lover. She is a year younger than him. After his death, she was despaired. She met Colio and was one of those who was infected with the Dragon Pneumonia.


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