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Re: Copyright webinar and related issues

They came up with this webinar which was recently covered last week. I wanted to your opinions after you watch it and what yopu think about it as a commuity and how we could serve better in future in regards to media uploads. Sometihng to think about and decide for this wiki's rules as well.

Video + Slides :

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Hmm, so what do you guys think? Since it was mentioned that screenshots/thumbnails are considered as Fair Use, then it shouldn't be a problem I guess. (ref: the spider man image /quote and etc featured in the video). Though I'd like to suggest setting a maximum limit size for image uploads. I think I read something about this at Wikipedia before(will search for tht again for confirmation). For a start, I think keeping the image to 72dpi and no larger than 500pixels wide and tall so that it may qualify as a small image but clear enough as an example. Will return to confirm my read-up. (Won't b here on Fridays as usual)

Cheers to the wkns! ^^


Here's another blog worth a read.

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